About Us


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"As a parent it was reassuring to know that my daughter was in good hands and in the company of like-minded students. I have seen her grow in to a happy, capable and confident young lady who has benefited greatly from her time at St Ann's."


"St Ann's provided a welcoming home and an instant family, in a new city where I knew no one. Many people see residential colleges as a place to eat and sleep however the St Ann's community provides much more than that. It provides the greatest support network I have yet to be involved with, giving every student equal opportunity to make the most of everything, as well as people who will help you back up when you fall."


"I have often pondered what would have become of my life if you had not accepted me at the last minute. Thanks to your faith I will be working in an industry I love for the rest of my life." 


"My three years at St Ann's helped me grow from a teenager into a young adult and this was due to being surrounded by so many like-minded individuals as well as the impeccable social, sporting and academic culture fostered here."


"On behalf of my entire family, I thank you all so very much for this support. You have taken so much stress away from my parents and put me in a position to thrive, not only at University but also at College. I hope to make my presence felt in my time at St Ann's and give back to a place that has done so much for me and my family."


" Throughout the three years I have lived at St Ann's I have been able to prosper in my studies and gain enormous  confidence in the social aspects of life, and this is something I am extremely grateful for. I cannot put in to words how thankful and lucky I am to be a resident of 187 Brougham Place."