Collegians Association

How did the Collegians begin?


The Collegians were founded in June 1951 at the suggestion of Judith Aitken. The group was known as the Old Collegians until 1955 when it was recognised as part of the College and was re-named the St Ann's Collegians Association. The Association was incorporated on 25 July 1978 and is a non-profit organisation.

What are the aims of the committee?

As a committee the Collegians have two main aims, these being:

Primarily to establish and provide such scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries and prizes as may be thought fit.

Secondly to promote the interests and well-being of the Association and its members, and of the College and its members; and to promote unity and good fellowship among all Collegians, and between Collegians and members of the College.

Who is on the committee?

The committee consists of past students elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Since 2008 a current student has been appointed to the committee by the student body. The College Principal is also part of the committee in an ex-officio position.

What is the structure of the committee?

The committee consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and General Members who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee meets once a month to coordinate our dealings and ensure that all finances are in order as the Collegians have considerable investments in shares. The Collegians also have representatives on the Library and Education Committee, House Committee and on the St Ann's College Council.

Who are the members that the committee serves?

Past and present students. Upon leaving College there is a mandatory membership fee of $50 per student such that students immediately become a Collegian member. This fee was introduced in 1993.

What do the Collegians do?

The main events that the Collegians organise are:

  • Mentoring dinners are held twice a year for current students - a particular topic, such as medicine or engineering, is chosen as the theme for the night. Several guest speakers are invited to attend and talk to students about their profession, answer students' questions and generally provide students with an insight into options, opportunities and experiences students could expect in that profession or field.

  • Scholarship and prizes for current students - at the beginning of each year the Library and Education Committee allocates scholarship money to worthy students. The Collegians Awards are given to up to five first-year students annually as determined by the Library and Education Committee. The Collegians Prize is given annually to a continuing student later in the year to acknowledge a student who brings honour to the College through achievements in the wider community.

  • Newsletter for past students - these are distributed twice a year to showcase the personal and academic accomplishments of past and present students. Currently the newsletter is distributed to over 2000 people!

  • Donations to College - every few years when funds permit, the Collegians make a donation to College. Past donations include: resurfacing of the College tennis court, installation of air-conditioning in the College library and many more.

  • Reunion Dinners - 20-year reunion dinners are held from time to time to give past students a chance to reminisce and reconnect with their peers from College. This is a new event started in 2009.


The Collegians Association produces a regular newsletter. Please feel free to read our most recent editions. Full archive since 1995 available here.


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