The College provides a range of recreational facilities, including a tennis court which doubles as a volleyball court, pool tables, weights room, table-tennis tables, foosball tables and four pianos including a baby grand piano. Several communal large-screen TV rooms and a video room are available for student use. Newspapers, both local and national, are purchased daily. There is also a video camera, digital camera, projector and sewing machine available for student use.

Sporting equipment including cricket bats, tennis racquets and balls, as well as footballs and hockey sticks are available for students to use. There is also an extensive range of board games.



There are a large number of events held at the College over the year. These include inter-college activities such as sports, a ball, quiz nights and themed parties. Within St Ann’s there are weekly pub nights, a good chance to socialise and meet new people, corridor parties, the annual ball and the valedictory dinner. During Orientation Week there are many activities, including a beach picnic, buddy night, tutor show, Amazing Race and a film night. All of the activities are voluntary, and a great chance to get to know your fellow collegians and leaders.

Casual Interactions


Public areas throughout the College including a sundeck, rose garden, television rooms and open kitchens provide ample opportunity for residents to interact casually with each other and learn to appreciate the diversity of cultures and interest.