Student Wellbeing

Residential Tutors


The College employs ten Residential Tutors annually among senior students and the occasional external applicant, who provide pastoral care together with academic and social leadership.

The Tutors receive training in first aid, conflict resolution, equal opportunity and team building. They also receive extensive education in relation to College policies and procedures and provide after-hours administrative support. A Tutor is rostered on duty so there is always someone at hand in the event of any problem, any time of day or night.

Each Tutor is in charge of a corridor consisting of approximately 18 students. Many important links and friendships are formed with people on your corridor, and events such as corridor parties are held to help corridors bond and get to know each other.

The Tutors play a crucial role in creating the atmosphere of the College as well as providing a vital link between the Principal and the students. The Senior Tutor coordinates the Tutor group and stands in for the Principal in her absence.

Equity Officers


There are two equity officers in residence at the College, one male and one female, available to discuss any problems that may arise. These problems can be medical (for example sexual health or illness), emotional (for example harassment), or anything else of a confidential nature you may wish to discuss with someone. They have been trained for this position and have contacts with experts in every field you may require.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn about the rich cultures of our planet from our diverse student body:  90% are rural and regional Australians and 10% come from Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania. For a complete statistical breakdown of the College population, click here.

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Buddy System


Every new student is paired with a senior Collegian, generally one who is completing the same degree. Buddies participate in Orientation Week activities together, and are there to provide both social and academic support for the duration of the year.