Why Study Here?

Why students choose us?

Academic Tutors


There are currently fifty-six Academic Tutors employed by the College to help other students with any subject area. The tutors are selected from among senior students in College who have studied these subjects at a tertiary level, and are readily available to provide assistance with your university study.

This service is provided free to students requiring aid, however the tutors are paid by the College, so it is also a good way for senior students to earn some pocket money.

Library and Study Areas


The St Ann's library is open for students to use twenty-four hours a day, and can also be used as a quiet study area. It contains numerous non-fiction and text books as well as a wide range of reference materials and an extensive fiction section.

The College librarian will order in text books for specific courses if they are not already available, so you may not need to purchase your own books. The library also has a skeleton in the closet and one in a box for medical students.

Tutorial rooms are also available for quiet study in groups. For music students, several soundproof rooms are provided with pianos, a drum kit and a stereo.



St Ann's has a computer room with twenty-four hour access. Internet access is provided via South Australian Broadband Research and Education Network (SABREnet) and WiFi throughout the College.

Every room in St Ann’s has a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet cord for personal computers. There is a computer committee to help the technologically challenged with any problems that may arise.



St Ann's is predominantly undergraduate with the occasional postgraduate student. We have a 95% overall pass rate. 95% of students also gain at least one credit or distinction. There is consistently less than 1% dropout rate due to the College's buddy system and academic and residential tutors. These results compare very favourably with the national pass rate of only 84.5% and dropout rate of one in three, not bad for a first-come, first-served admission policy. For a full statistical breakdown, please click here.

St Ann's operates with the view that the highest quality students are looking for a progressive and modern institution that brings out the best in its students and ensures they are well equipped to contribute to society upon graduation.