Term & Conditions

Online donations to St Ann’s College Inc. or St Ann’s College Foundation (St Ann’s) may be made via credit card through this site.  The St Ann’s website will accept donations using VISA and MasterCard. All funds transfers are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Donations to St Ann’s of $2 or more are tax-deductible. St Ann’s College Inc. and St Ann’s College Foundation are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as Deductible Gift Recipients. Where full details of the donor’s name and address/email are supplied, St Ann’s will issue the donor with a Tax Receipt.

St Ann’s will not provide refunds for online donations. Regular monthly donations can be stopped by contacting St Ann’s, in writing, requesting that the payments be stopped at a specified future date. Due to processing delays, notice of at least 2 business days is required to stop payments. St Ann’s may be contacted by email at info@stannscollege.edu.au or by post at 187 Brougham Place, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006. Please note that delays beyond the control of St Ann’s may occur with delivery of posted items in addition to the 2 days’ notice required.

This site uses a secure payment gateway. No credit card details submitted by users are collected by St Ann’s and transaction data never leaves the secure payments network.

Should you require any assistance with making donations online, please contact St Ann’s College on 08 8239 8791.

St Ann’s complies with the Commonwealth Privacy Act. Collection, storage and distribution of personal information are managed in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.